Safe Sleep For Your Baby

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AIRBaB is a breathable Upper for baby crib or bassinet mattress. It's improved air flow breathing system enables your baby to breath better.

AirBaB unique design structure for babies, with removable luxury cotton covers which can reduce baby's breathing problems also known as the “sudden infant death syndrome” (SIDS).

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The basic structure is a unique 3D fabric made with the “COEX” technology. COEX is an innovative patent technology that improves fabrics made from 100% natural  cotton. It is completely fireproof. With COEX it’s possible to realize a new generation of FR fabrics with a unique natural look and feel which gives an excellent support for the baby and makes it possible to breathe freely (even if the baby sleeps face down on his/her chest).

The comprehensive removable cover is a breathing, soft, Hypoallergenic washable and flameproof.

COEX Advantages

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